There are several options to issue a refund using your myPOS card terminal.

Your myPOS terminal is connected with Paymash POS:

  • Select the invoice to be refunded and click "Cancel"

  • Provide the reason for the cancelation, and select "MyPOS" under payment methods. Choose the items, which should be canceled, by tipping on the square buttons on the right, and confirm the cancelation

  • Now the refund amount will appear on the terminal screen

  • Present the customer card to the terminal either via the Magnetic Stripe, Chip or contactless reader. Ask your customer to Enter PIN code where required.

The amount of the refund is returned to the customer’s card account and your myPOS account is debited with the corresponding amount.

If the invoice to be refunded is older than 14 days, it will not be visible on your POS device. Thus, you will need to add the item to be refunded through your products in POS and set product amount to minus, for example "-1". Then, click on "Reimburse *** products" button, select "MyPOS" under payment methods, and click "Pay".

If you don't see invoices that are 3-14 days old, you need to perform some adjustments in the settings. Go to Settings > General on POS device and change the storage period of invoices on the device to 14 days (default is 3 days). Now, all the invoices for the previous 14 days will be visible on a smartphone/tablet.

2) You can also reverse a transaction from your myPOS account directly.

  • Log into your myPOS account

  • Go to Accounts > Activity

  • Find the needed transaction with "Payment" type and click on "Refund"

  • Define the amount to be refunded, provide the reason and confirm

You can also view the myPOS receipt from there or send it to the customer's email address.

Your myPOS terminal is not connected with Paymash POS:

1) If the myPOS card terminal is used as Standalone (meaning it is not connected with Paymash App, so that you just enter the amount to be paid on the terminal and customers provide their credit card), in order to issue a refund please follow the instructions described in these brochures:

2) You can reverse a transaction from your myPOS account directly.

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