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How do I use the tipping function on Paymash?

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Tipping is part of everyday life in the catering industry. In this article you can read how to collect your tips with Paymash.

Part 1 (Create "Tips" as a new product)

Since tips are to be charged without VAT, it is important that you create an additional product with 0.00% VAT. Follow these steps:

  • Log in to https://app.mypaymash.com/ and go to the settings.

  • Select "Company" in the settings.

  • In the VAT rates section you can now save the 0.00% VAT rate.

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  • Go to "Products" and add a new product by clicking on the "+".

  • Give the product a name e.g. Tips.

  • Select the 0.00% VAT rate.

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  • Activate "Free pricing".

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  • Save the product.

Part 2 (Tipping function usage in POS)

  • First go to the Paymash settings.

  • Then select the menu item "General".

  • Below you will find the tipping function which you need to activate.

  • Select a product which will then be automatically added to the shopping basket if someone wants to leave a tip.

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The tipping function is now activated and will be shown during the checkout process. You can either enter the total amount including tips in "Total + Tip" field (1) or you can input the tip amount into "Tip" field (2) and Paymash will count the sum to be paid automatically.

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