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With the myPOS Checkout, you can accept and process card payments in the Paymash Webshop. For this setup you need access to the Paymash Admin Portal. You can access this portal via this link.

  1. Go to "https://app.mypaymash.com/" and change to the settings. Please go to "Payments" afterward.

  2. Scroll down to the "Payment Provider" section and select "myPOS Checkout".

Now log into your myPOS account using this link and create a new store by "Stores".

Select "myPOS checkout API" on the next stage and click "Set up your online store".

Step 1. Enter your store details and click on "Continue".

Important! If you haven't connected your own domain name with Paymash store, please enter https://site.mypaymash.com in the "Request URLs" field.

Step 2. Review your store information, agree to Merchant Agreement, and click "Confirm".

Now you should be able to Start Integration: Choose "Custom Integration" and click "Generate Pair Keys".

You will receive Private Key and Public Certificate, which should be copied to the corresponding fields in "Payment Provider" section in Paymash admin panel.

Client Number can be viewed at "Company Information" in your myPOS account.

Store ID and Key Index can be found in the created store at "Online Stores" in your myPOS account.

Test Mode should be deactivated.

Click "Save" and the connection of myPOS Checkout with Paymash is now completed. You can also try to make some test purchases in order to make sure that everything works as expected.

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