Go to Paymash

With the SIX Saferpay Checkout, you can accept and process card payments in the Paymash Webshop. For this setup you need access to the Paymash Admin Portal. You can access this portal via this link.

  1. Go to "https://app.mypaymash.com/" and change to the settings. Please go to "Payments" afterwards.

  2. Scroll down to the "Payment Provider" section and select "Saferpay eCommerce (JSON API)".

Now go to the settings of your SIX Payment Services Portal.

On the tab "Settings" under the menu item "JSON API basic authentication" you will find your API username and can create your password, both of which you can then enter on Paymash in the section "Payment Provider" (password must be entered in Paymash under "API Secret").

The Customer ID and the Terminal ID can be obtained from SIX. You can also find this on the portal under the menu item "Terminals".

You must then enter and store this data from the SIX Payment Services Portal in Paymash accordingly.

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