The following steps are necessary to correctly configure the Star mPOP Bluetooth printer with integrated cash drawer with Paymash POS:

1. connect the printer to the power supply and flip the switch (on the bottom left of the device)

2. load the paper. To do this, press on the front of the printer and pull it out, open the paper tray, insert the paper roll correctly and close the cover again.

Important to know! The paper width: 58 mm.

3. you can connect your tablet or smartphone to the mPOP device to charge it. If you have a USB barcode scanner, you can plug it into the appropriate USB port.

4. you must now connect the mPOP device to your tablet or smartphone. Go to the menu item "Bluetooth" in the settings of your mobile device. (In the following screenshots this is shown using an iPad as an example).make sure that Bluetooth is turned on!as soon as the mPOP appears in the list (as "STAR mPOP-XXXXX"), click on it and the printer will connect to your device.

5. Open the Paymash app on your device and go to "Settings" -> "Printers". Under "Detected printers" you will find "POP10 XXX", tap on "Add".

6. The printer will now appear under "Saved printers". Tap on "POP10 XXX" and then on "Edit" in the top left-hand corner.

7. it is most likely that you have a receipt printer, so please activate it as a receipt. Then tap on "Done" at the top right.

8. the Star mPOP Bluetooth printer is now correctly configured, you can start a test print and continue using the printer to print your receipts!

You can find more information on operation and troubleshooting in the operating manual for your mPop device.

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