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How can I enable / disable the 1-Tap payment method ?

Make sure your Paymash app is up to date.

Open the Paymash POS app

Open Settings > General > Quick Payment

Enable / Disable 1-Tap Payment

Select the default payment method for 1-Tap Payment

What does 1-Tap Payment do?

When you enable 1-Tap Payment, you also set a default payment method. With 1-Tap Payment enabled, pressing the big blue button will immediately pay the bill with the default payment method you selected. Instead of 5 taps, now only one is necessary.

The choice of another payment method is still open to you with the 1-tap payment. Click on the button with the arrow ">" to the right of the big blue button to complete the payment process as usual.

For whom is 1-Tap Payment suitable?

For stores that offer only one payment method.

For all stores that want to collect as quickly as possible and are predominantly paid with only one payment method.

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