1. have the most important data ready

For the signature the UID number or the tax number of your company is required. Keep this data ready for the next step.

2. create FinanzOnline users

To enable us to register and check your Paymash POS system at FinanzOnline, you must create a web service user directly at FinanzOnline. As soon as the webservice user has been created, the following information is available to you:

  • Participant identification

  • User identification (web service user)

  • PIN (Web Service User)

Your FON WebService login information including your UID number, tax number and email address should be sent to Paymash. Please send us an e-mail or send us a message via Live Chat.

Paymash will then register your Paymash account for you at FinanzOnline and create a certificate for your account.

3. create certificate

We will create a certificate for you at our Austrian certificate partner. You can choose between certificates for

  • 10'000 signatures per year

  • 30'000 signatures per year

  • Unlimited number of signatures per year

All certificates have a term of 5 years. For the registration of the certificate we need your UID number.

4. financial online registration

First the generated certificate has to be deposited at Finanzonline (entries --> cash registers --> registration of a signature or seal creation unit)

and then Paymash is registered as a cash register (entries --> cash registers --> registration of a cash register).

5. start document check

After signing your Paymash cash register we will create a startup receipt and send you a confirmation. Your cash register is now ready. This is how you check your start receipt and whether your cash register is ready for use:

  • Download the BMF Belegcheck app to your iPhone or Android device

  • Scan the QR code on the start document with the BMF app

An authentication code is required to verify the documents. This code will be announced after successful registration of the cash register and certificate via FinanzOnline (entries --> cash registers --> administration of authentication codes for app for checking cash vouchers).

The BMF app compares the data in the machine-readable QR code with the data registered via FinanzOnline. The result of the check is immediately displayed on the device used.

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