VAT / UST Switch for Take-Away

Takeaway or eat here? Switch between the "in-house" and a "take-away" tax rates. With the VAT Switch from Paymash!

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VAT for Take-Away can be set up with just a few steps.

Go to the settings -> Company -> VAT

Confirm the "Take away VAT rate" selection and add a new VAT rate.

Define the new VAT rate as "Take away".

Save these settings

Afterwards you have to make these settings for new or already existing products.

Go to the navigation point "Products

Select an existing product or add a new one

Set "Reduced take-away tax rate" to Yes.

Save these settings as well.

If you now add this product to an invoice on the Paymash POS and click on "pay", a selection between "In-house" and "Out-house" will appear below the number field. Depending on the choice, the VAT rates will be calculated automatically.

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