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Install Card Reader Terminal Ingenico OPI Guide
Install Card Reader Terminal Ingenico OPI Guide

Install Ingenico card readers and connect to Paymash

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Terminal: Commissioning

  • Set up initial commissioning and WLAN/LAN according to the instructions

Terminal: Activate OPI

  1. Call function code FF513

  2. Enter technician password

  3. Click on OPI

  4. Confirm with OK

  5. Change operating mode? > Confirm with OK

Terminal: Set cash register connection

  1. Call up function code FF54

  2. Enter dealer password

  3. Click on "Checkout (outgoing)

  4. Select TCP/IP

  5. Enter the following IP for Host:

  6. For TCP port, enter the following number: 5578

  7. Press Stop twice

  8. Save parameters? > Confirm with OK

  9. Press Stop again

  10. Restart is necessary

Terminal: Making a service call

  1. Call function code FF740 and follow the steps

  2. Enter dealer password

  3. Carry out service calls? > Confirm with OK

  4. Restart is necessary

Paymash: Settings

  1. Log on to and go to Settings → Payments.

  2. create a payment method called "Terminal OPI". The payment must be case-sensitive.

  3. In the Paymash settings under "Terminal OPI" either run "Auto Detect" or click on "Connect" to establish the connection manually (IP and TCP port required)

  1. Auto Detect: Click on "Auto Detect

  2. Manually:

  3. Click on Connect

  4. Enter IP address

  5. Specify TCP port

  6. Payments can now be made using the "Terminal OPI" payment method

Paymash: Terminal termination

  1. Click on "Daily report" in the Paymash menu

  2. Click on the terminal icon marked "Finish

  3. Terminal completion can now be printed

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