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Install card reader SIX - Terminal SIX Manual
Install card reader SIX - Terminal SIX Manual

Six card readers connect to Paymash - accept card payments

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  1. Make sure that the SIX card terminal is connected in the same WLAN as Paymash.

  2. The terminal must be set as "PinPad" by SIX. Only then can it be connected to Paymash.

Terminal: Commissioning

  • Set up initial commissioning and WLAN/LAN according to the instructions

Paymash: Settings

  1. log in at and go to settings → payments.

  2. create a payment method called "Terminal SIX". The upper and lower case letters must be correct.

  3. Click on "Add" in the Paymash settings under "Terminal SIX".

  4. Enter the terminal IP address (in the bottom line) and confirm with "Save".

    The API is called "TIM API". The terminal must be set by Worldline as "PinPad" (this is the mode in which the terminal can be connected to a POS system).

Payments can now be made using the "Terminal SIX" payment method

Paymash: Terminal termination

Click on "Daily report" in the Paymash menu and click on the terminal symbol with the designation "Closing".

You can now print out the terminal contract.

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