This setting is only relevant for online store users.

Settings → Shipping

Here you can make all the settings that your customers need on the subject of shipping and collection.

Postal shipping rates

Choose a region for your shipping rates, define the price and optionally define from which invoice amount you want to grant free shipping.

Country: Select each country you want to ship to.
Per order: The minimum shipping cost per order.
Per additional product: This cost will be added with each additional product.

Free shipping from: If this order value is reached the shipping is free.

Display in your online store

If you click on the blue link, a popup with your shipping costs will open:

Tip: Offer free shipping and communicate this in the info text.

Paymash offers you the possibility to display an info text in a bar at the top of your webshop. If you offer free shipping, this is a great way to make it clear. For example like in the online store below.

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