Tipping is part of everyday life in the catering industry. In this article you can read how to collect your tips with Paymash.

As tips are to be charged without VAT, it is important that you create an additional product with 0.00% VAT. Follow these steps:

  • Log in to app.paymash.com and go to the settings
  • Select "Company" in the settings
  • In the VAT rates section you can now save the 0.00% VAT rate
  • Go to "Products" and add a new product by clicking on the "+".
  • Give the product a name e.g. tip
  • Select the 0.00% VAT rate
  • Activate the free price entry
  • Save the product

Now you can select this product at the POS and thanks to the free price entry you can book the tip.

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