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Connect customer display (Customer Display)
Connect customer display (Customer Display)

Instructions for connecting the Customer Display / Customer Display App with two devices

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To connect two devices (main unit), perform the following steps:

1. make sure that the Customer Display App is installed on the device that is used as the Customer Display

2. ensure that the Paymash till app is installed on the main unit.

3. activate WLAN (preferred, same network required) or Bluetooth on both devices

4. On the main unit, go to Settings in the top left menu.

5. Under Customer Display go to Connect Display.

6. On the customer display device start the customer display app.

7. on the main unit, under Displays detected, select your customer display device.

8. press connect.

9. Accept the request from the main unit on the customer display unit.

The customer display is now ready for use.

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