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Table plan - orders to assign a table
Table plan - orders to assign a table

A modern table management system helps your employees to manage the orders

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Written by Julia Bastova
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From POS version 1.2.0 the new and improved table plan is available. Feedback from our customers has played a significant role in this. The new update brings the following improvements:

  • Fewer clicks necessary

  • Faster ordering possible

  • Invoices can now be sorted by table and room

  • Easier handling

(1) In the product overview, we have cleaned up the table and room selection and made it more intuitive. With a click on the button "No table" a table can easily be assigned to the invoice. Tables marked in red already have an invoice assigned. Free tables are marked in green.

(2) Additionally, you can now go directly to the invoice overview with just one click on the "Invoices" button. Directly next to it is the button "+ New", so a new invoice is generated quickly and easily.

Table plan - orders to assign a table - photo 01

(1) The tables of the selected room are displayed here. As usual you can set up the tables on To do so, open the "Settings > Restaurant".

(2) Rooms that are created by you in the admin will appear in this display. Bills that don't have a table are listed under "No room".

(3) Select a table to display all invoices. As in the screenshot, you will see all invoices when you select "All tables". You can also add more than one invoice to a table.

Table plan - orders to assign a table - photo 02

We hope that the new table plan will simplify the everyday life in the gastronomy and of course we are still open for feedback!

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