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The following steps must be taken if your Epson printer has the IP address or DHCP disabled. The easiest way to find out is to press and hold the reset button for 3 seconds.

The following is required:

- Epson printer Tm-U220

- Power supply for the printer

- Ethernet cable

- Computer with Mac OSX / Windows and an Ethernet port

- Web browser

Establish a direct connection between your computer and printer using the Ethernet cable. Then press the reset button on your printer for 3 seconds.

Now a receipt with the status of the printer should be printed out.

To set your printer with an IP address that is compatible with your network, we need to make temporary settings in the network settings of your computer.

Open your computer's printer settings and select "Ethernet" or "Thunderbolt Ethernet".

Change the fields as shown in the screenshot:

-Configure IPv4: Manually

-IP address:

-Subnet Mask:

Apply these settings and open the web browser for the next step. Open a new window in your browser and type in the following link:

The following window will appear. Click on "Advanced" and "Continue to

In the log-in form you can use the following data:

User name: epson

Password: epson

After you have logged in, the printer interface will open. In the menu under "Configuration" select the item "TCP/IP". Here the field "Acquiring the IP Address" must be changed to "Auto".

Click on "send" and then on "reset". The printer will reboot itself after about 10-20 seconds you can switch off the printer and reconnect it to the router.

On the iPad open the Epson Utility App and select the Epson Tm-U220. Then you can open Paymash and log in. The printer will now be visible in the printer settings.

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