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Returns, return of goods correct handling
Returns, return of goods correct handling

Returns, returned goods are return deliveries due to complaint, repair, wrong delivery, cancellation of an order

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Closed invoices cannot be changed. An invoice can only be cancelled completely. With these two methods, you can still post the cancellation correctly:

Sell the product with a negative quantity

  1. Find the product being returned

  2. Add it to a new invoice

  3. Click on the product on the right side of the POS

  4. Click on the minus sign to put the quantity in the negative range

  5. Sell the product or add other products to the invoice

Cancel the entire invoice

  1. Find the entire original invoice in the admin area or on your POS

  2. Cancel the found invoice completely

Important: This method postpones the entire turnover to today and is especially suitable if the goods have been completely cancelled.

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